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Hello fellow GirlBosses! Girlboss Activism is so excited to finally cut the ribbon on our website opening! This is an exciting start to the new year and we cannot wait to get started working with all of you in the coming years! We have a couple upcoming projects that are going to be released on Spotify, Instagram, and here! Make sure to check us out on TikTok as well (same username as Instagram).

GirlBoss Activism is all about using the loud voices women already have and amplifying them even more. We use a mix of medias to spread messages and talk about important topics relating to women and global issues. The plan as of right now is to have a posting schedule:

Saturday: Podcast episode

Sunday: Blog post

GirlBoss Activism is most active on Instagram (you can see our posts on the Instagram tab or at the bottom of our home page). There we will have even more content for everybody to enjoy and learn more about our guest speakers and topics of the week. This is going to be an exciting time and we cannot wait to connect with all of you!

I also want to address that some people do question the term 'Girlboss'. To me, girlboss is a term that describes the powerful women all around the globe. I first started using it to uplift my fellow high school classmates at my all-girls school. Today, this term may be seen as offensive, but we use it to uplift. The term has been misused by large companies to demean women and promote themselves. Even on social media it's been seen among people to use the term in a joking manner. This is not what we do. We are changing the GirlBoss image and we hope you join along. The term was first made popular by the founder of women's apparel store Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso when she titled her bestselling autobiography, #GirlBoss.

So what if women are pushing down other people to move up in the world? Don't men do that too? Why is it so bad if women do it? Why are we called a b*tch for pursuing our career like a man does? Men are praised for it. Men are praised for their drive, not called b*tches when they try to move forward and up. Women like this are GirlBoss.

So what if women want to wear minimal clothing or wear a niqab? It is her choice. Her body, her choice of how she choses to show it. I am a proud hijab wearing Muslim. I chose to wear it. I come from a mixed religion family with my father being Christian and my mother Bosnian. My mother does not wear the hijab, yet practices her religion internally and wears what she likes when she likes. We support her because that is what GirlBosses do, support each other and uplift each other 24/7.

I go to an all-girls school in the United States. Our school was founded on the idea that women deserve equal rights and are just as powerful as men. The women that founded my school were denied entry into a school. They were denied education because they were women. Naturally, my school uplifts these ideas and influences our education around the values of powerful women taking on the world. Women taking on the world not to prove something to men or prove that they can take corporate positions. Instead, women taking on the world living a life that makes them happy. Wether that being going into the corporate world, being an artist, a stripper, or a stay at home mom, women do not have to prove anything to men. Women do not owe a single thing to men.

Women are powerful, women are capable, women are the reason men exist, in fact the reason the world exists.

The blog release this week is limited as we are just getting started, but get ready for more content soon! COVID-19 does have an affect on podcast releases as we are based in a hotspot, however, do expect podcasts weekly!

With all this said and done...

Welcome to GirlBoss Activism

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