Been a while...

Hello GirlBosses!

It has been a very long time. I've been busy with rebranding our brand. If you noticed, our site has a new header! Girlboss Empire. I felt that since a lot of people will not read the mission statement/the first blog post, it would be best if I made it shorter and into our header. I encourage you to read the first blog post to truly understand our goals and what this organization is.

Additionally, I WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU!!!! I would love to hear from each and everyone of you as to what type of content you want to see! Fill out the google form linked below:

This week, on February first was World Hijab Day. This day is super special to me as a hijabi woman. I started wearing the hijab as an expression of my faith. It is an expression of who I am. A lot of people around us today strongly believe that the hijab is a symbol of oppression. I can 100% set that 'worry' to ease. I am getting an amazing education, running this organization, and fence all at the same time! No worries, non-Muslim judgers. :)

Recently, it has been really difficult to stay motivated and keep pushing myself. I have been facing a lot of roadblocks on my street right now and am having a hard time getting through them. Many of you reading this are high school students, probably female-identifying. I have been really relating to "this is me trying" by Taylor Swift. We are all trying really hard to keep at it. Whatever we are fighting for or against. We are all trying so hard. I sure as hell am not giving up. I hope you do not either. That would not be very girlboss of you.

I have started speaking up for what I want and need. I've stopped (at least I am trying to) caring about what other people think of me and what to see of me. I know my worth. My worth is how hard I work. I climb and succeed and what I am passionate about. We all just need to do what we are passionate about. That is so girlboss. Start doing things for you! Speak up. Look out for one another. Love each other.

In case nobody has told you this, you. are. remarkable. Remarkable in your own way. You deserve space on this planet. You deserve everything you work for. You deserve love and to be cared for.

We are all girlbosses. We all deserve space on this planet. Take up the space. Be great. Be Amazing. Be Girlboss.

- Ida

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